Tata Value Homes

Strategic Initiative

At Tata Value Homes, our strategy has been to propel our growth by leveraging our value systems and core capabilities. We will grow not only in India, but also beyond India. We have identified key strategic initiative to act on challenges and opportunities. Some of them are:

Value Housing Initiative

Shubh Griha: Tata Value Homes has pioneered the concept of ‘Low Cost Housing’ through Shubh Griha, value homes for the common man near Mumbai and received phenomenal success. The company is planning to expand this concept of low cost/affordable housing over period of 1-2 years on a pan India basis. We are also exploring opportunities with various government agencies on PPP Model. Various developing countries have also evinced interest in this regard and have enquired with the company to carry out low cost/affordable residential property projects.

Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM)

We at Tata Value Homes have emphasized three pillars of importance to guide our business principles, namely:

  • Business Ethics
  • Values
  • Core Capabilities

Demonstration of ethical business practices, values our processes and practices, core capabilities in our delivery of products and services characterize the ‘TATA’ way of enhancing and conducting our business. The quality movement in the TATA Group is defined by a framework known as the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM), which has been adapted from the renowned Malcolm Baldrige archetype. The TBEM methodology has been persuaded to deliver strategic direction and drive business improvement. It contains elements that enable us to capture the best of global business processes and practices as a benchmark. This enables into an ability to evolve and stay one step ahead with ever-changing business performance parameters. In fact it supports in making a front runner in respective industries.

We, as a part of Tata Group, have adopted TBEM, as an intricate part of our operation to reach the peaks of business eminence while, at the same time, adhering to the highest ethical standards.

  • Corporate Sustainability: Being responsible towards our stakeholders.
  • Leveraging our Heritage - "TATA": Living with our value systems.
  • Customer Centricity: Making our processes robust and customer centric during the life cycle of the product.
  • Continuous Innovation: Challenging status quo, thinking new business models using new technology, application of meaningful thoughts.
  • Sustainable "Green" Development: To make all our products green and eco-friendly to the extent possible.
  • People Engagement and Satisfaction: Making our company a great place to work by continuous communication and collaboration.
  • Product Mix: Suitable towards the need of the stakeholders.