Tata Value Homes

Management Team

Being a closely held company, Tata Value Homes is guided by its Board of Directors.

The execution and management of the company is bestowed upon Mr. Brotin Banerjee, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Tata Value Homes Development Co. Ltd. There is a management committee comprising the Heads under the chairmanship of our Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, to plan Tata Value Homes’s long-term strategy and review performance and organize business as per the directions. It ensures achievement of strategic objectives. Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer along with Head of Finance, Information Technology and Corporate Governance with the help of Company Secretary ensure the Corporate Governance processes in the company.

There are three committees:

  • Remuneration Committee - is responsible for managerial remuneration in accordance with Companies Act
  • Audit Committee - is responsible for ensuring the compliances of Companies Act and oversees internal control and audit systems
  • Committee of Directors - are responsible for approval of projects and other operational matters