Tata Value Homes

Corporate Social Responsibility


We would build sustainability into everything we do so that our profitable growth helps reduce inequality and rejuvenates the environment.

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  • sparsh
  • big
  • srijan

Programs & Initiatives

  • SWACHH - Tata Value Homes Schools & Neighbourhoods Sanitation Initiatives
  • SPARSH - Tata Value Homes Communities Care Initiatives
  • Customer Centricity: - Making our processes robust and customer centric during the life cycle of the product.
  • BIG - Environmental Sustainability Green & Biodiversity Initiatives
  • SRIJAN - Tata Value Homes Educational Development Initiatives
  • SYNERGIZERS - Tata Value Homes Employee Volunteering Programme
  • AFFIRMATIVE - Tata Value Homes Affirmative Action Programme
  • SAMARTH - Tata Value Homes Communities Care Initiatives

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